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Enjoy your active holidays during a trip to the mountains around Zermatt offering breathtaking views.  Be enchanted by the impressive Alps glowing of the Matterhorn and the mighty four-thousand-meter mountains of the Alps directly in front of your balcony at our Pop-up Bed & Breakfast! Discover the mountains from their various and most beautiful sides.  


The mountain village Zermatt provides the attraction of three excursion mountains:

the Matterhorn glacier paradise (3'883 m), the Gornergrat (3'089 m) and the Rothorn (3'103 m). We have summarized tips and attractions around the village at the foot of the highest mountains of the entire Alpine region.



Sunnegga (2'288 m) - Blauherd (2'571 m) - Rothorn (3'103 m)

In summer the family's paradise Sunnegga is famous both for a refreshing bath in lake Leisee and for the fascinating Five Lakes Walk leading from Blauherd to Sunegga along paths lined with alpine flowers. Those who are looking for challenging hikes will find their ideal starting point near the Rothorn and have sunny pistes well into the afternoon. The highlight: Moonlight downhill events for winter sport lovers! We guarantee an unforgettable experience.


Matterhorn glacier paradise (3'883 m)

Getting so close to the firmament with the highest located aerial lift and summit station of Europe at 3'883 m. In the Matterhorn glacier paradise you enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Italian, French and Swiss mountain giants. Do not miss: The summit lift to the observation platform 'Klein Matterhorn' with a 360° panorama view on 38 Alp giants.  Possessing Europe's biggest summer skiing area, the Theodul glacier offers year-round winter sport activity.  Alpinists and those wanting to immerse into the fascinating world of climbers start their 1.5 hours ascent of their first 4'000 metres mountain: the Breithorn with 4'164 m.


Hörnlihütte - Base Camp Matterhorn (3'260 m)

For more than 130 years the Hoernlihuette is destination and starting point for Matterhorn hikers, climbers and mountain guides.  The doors of the restaurants are open from July until the late summer month of September. On your way to the summit you may expect convenience and latest standards thanks to the renovation of the cabin in 2015. Even without climbing the Matterhorn it is worth a visit.  Within a 2.5 hours trip on foot over rocky hiking paths you will reach the Hoernlihuette from the Schwarzsee.


It is not always necessary (only) flying high: The Gorner canyon offers wonderful insights into the beauty of nature - an ideal trip for heavy legs after long mountain and hiking tours.  On wooden foot bridges the path leads through the mysterious canyon showing nearly picturesque walls of rock and steel blue water power.  

Air Zermatt

Flying high with Air Zermatt! Come close to the famous Swiss landmark and symbol and experience the 38 fourthousand-metre mountains from bird's view on an extraordinary scenic flight!  Heliskiing and heliboarding are an ultimate offer to discover this heavenly world of winter wonder with mountains, slopes and valleys of powdered sugar.  Enjoy the powder snow slopes in splendid sunshine - unforgettable and thrilling.